World Padel Academy is the ultimate place to play padel in UAE.

WPA is in the market to make the difference. WPA has the full facility that will be the reference for everyone that wants to be involved in padel, offering state-of-the-art courts for bookings, padel coaching, tournaments and a padel academy for both experienced and new padel players of all ages.


World Padel Academy LLC, a member of Abdulla Al Arif Investment group.

Date opened: 10th September 2020


To be the best and most well known Padel Brand in UAE. Expand WPA brand within the region. We are very keen to have a big brand with us for a long term and grow together.


• 7 indoor courts
• 3 outdoor courts
• Smash Specialty Coffee
• The Padel Store
• Cardio/stretching area
• Open area
• Mezzanine
• Seating area viewing all the courts

Core Team Coaches

The team includes four of the top Padel coaches in UAE:
Andre Delmar
Claudio Bobadilla: EX top 15
Guille Villafane
Saeed Almarri: Top 1 in UAE


As a group, we have a full marketing and IT team to be fully focused on social media platform and assure that it will be spread to the whole Padel market in this region with full exposure of the brand


WPA Offers wide range of services with regular social events, Drink coffee or tea in garden from smash to relax and enjoy while playing. At night, the courts have excellent lighting and ambient, which makes it possible to enjoy the game at any time.

Our Academy has specific program depending on the age of the player, their playing experience and their Padel objectives.

We cover and personalize all stages from first-timers who just want to learn basics and be ready to enjoy Padel, to professional players who compete in the Professional Circuit.

We provide mentoring , coaching and support to our members at any stage. We also suggest and advise them further development and we enable their achievement.

The Game. The Court. The Padel.

  • The Game – Padel is an ideal sport for all ages and all abilities. Because the game is played in
    doubles, it is ideal for families as can easily be played with mixed skill levels. As a player’s skill
    improves, the game becomes more technically challenging and faster paced. Match-craft is an
    important skill of the game and points are won by strategy rather than strength and power.
  • The Court – A 10m x 20m (10.93yds x 21.87yds) rectangular space enclosed by glass & mesh
    walls. A central net divides the AstroTurf court in two. The court is marked out with white lines
    which act as the service box similar to that of tennis.
  • The Padel – Is a short-handled stringless racquet (only 18inches long)
    with a cushioned grip. The outer shell is made of carbon composites,
    fiberglass and plastic with a concealed foam core.

Awesome coaches

Meet Our Team

WPA is on verge to create a padel community and grow the sport in the region with an academic type of training
such as other sports here in the country. Our vision is to create an academy with programs that will suit everyone needs, from beginners to more advanced players and from kids to juniors to adults.

A game that suits everyone in the community Junior Academy will be our priority,
with several weekly events for Kids starting by 2021


André Delmar

General Manager

Padel Coach
Padel Player


Saeed Almarri


Padel Tennis National Team Player

Top 1 in UAE


Claudio Bobadilla


Former WPT Professional Player and Professional Paddle Coach. 30 years coaching and WPT Ranking # 15.

Let's team up


We are opened to collaborate with members and non-members, the club caters for all padel skills.
WPA is the perfect place to get together with your friends, corporation, schools even our UAE Padel
Team, all brought together by the love of this highly addictive sport.

Local Team

As our main target is to grow the sports in UAE. We are looking to sponsor and collaborate with the local teams around the country.


Corporate companies are looking for ways to create a sports environment to the staff and support them. We are keen to start and help companies to take the right path in Padel.

School Activities

We are in talks with schools around the area to start a program for the interested students and create a full program with support from all the coaches. Due to Covid-19 we cant start the program now.

Ladies Timing

Creating ladies timing 3 times a week to push and support ladies sports in the country, especially to locals. Our focus is to start a female team by 2021 that can compete in the highest level.



Terms & Condition

By participating in a WPA event/tournament, the participant by default agrees to all the terms and conditions of the tournament. (Applicable to all WPA venues in the UAE). The organizers, referees and the Tournament Committee will try their best to ensure that the Matches are fair and played in the right spirit of the sport. If any of the above-mentioned parties notice that the players/teams are competing in a Category which is lower than their actual skill level, then the Committee has full authority to disqualify the team/player from the Match and the Competition, with no refund on the registration fee.


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